Entry #1

First Week

2012-02-23 14:42:52 by StevRayBro

Hey Guys,

My first week here on NewGrounds. Don't worry, I am enjoying my stay. I want to say hi and thanks to everyone for showing me such a nice warm welcome, and for commenting and rating on my work. Also big thanks to Kinsei01 for scouting me and letting me join the portal.

I'm very excited about what I have in-store for the portal! Might take me a while because of the work I'm getting paid to do goes in front of the things I enjoy doing. Normally, I am the type of artist who cranks stuff out weekly and sometimes daily, but I was given a huge project that takes up a good amount of my time.

If you want to see my other work that's not on here check out my blog, facebook, tumblr, or deviantart. I also post my stuff on Reddit frequently, and I like to tweet. Or if you want to stay on Newgrounds I have an art thread too.

I want to take this time to give a shout out to my friends Christopher Perkins and his website Guttamind.com, and to Kiareri. These guys are really talented people and really good friends of mine. Defiantly take a look at their work and show them some love.

First Week


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2012-02-25 05:22:20

Nice to see you going hard on here pal.