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Overall the style is constiant and you can tell you're learning the program. You've a good design sense and it looks like you know how to tell a story. But I would wait intill you're ready to tell a story with more debt. I see a promising start here.

onlyDistort responds:

Thanks for the positive response, I will keep on trying to make a story with more depth, I find animation very enjoyable so I won't be stopping any time soon.

Really strong start with great drawings but as the video continues the quality drops.The added effects looked amazing, very top notch. I just wish the second half didn't look as rushed. Good job though!

I should've read the title, but I just kind of saw a Pikachu, and thought, "Hey, I'll watch that".

I looked at your page, your other videos are drawn well and have relateable humor and comedic timing. I'm not sure if this was supposed to be a joke on the fact that it looks like this website likes really dumb videos... but I don't think it worked.

If I am reviewing this legitly, I would say what's already been said. The animation was decent, but mostly tweens... and staying on a limited animated shot for over 10 seconds is a page from Family Guy's "Book of UnFunny Jokes". The music was great and well used.

Sorry man, I know you can do better.

Lambtaco responds:

I guess I should let the cat out of the bag. I was feeling nostalgic about Newgrounds of old, and how the portal was flooded with crap, so I decided to make the worst movie I could think of. I spent like 3 hours on this. I was going to do some more crappy flashes, but then I got bored.

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Really fun game, great pixelated visuals and animation. The only thing holding it back is the fact that you have to hit Continue after EVERY stage. Its not needed and seems like a really bad excuse to advertise the website. Advertising is fine, but having pop up between every stage it just get annoying and frustrating.

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Great pixel work, really like Rick's face and pose.

I like the style a lot. My only concern is that the hands might be a tad to small, but otherwise great job!

Fucking love Vivi, great job!

Steven Ray Brown, a young artist living in the Southern Midwest area, a freelance illustrator, story artist, and animator. Willing to work on both commercial and personal projects, but would ultimately like to work for a production house.

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