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Steven Ray Brown, a young artist living in the Southern Midwest area, a freelance illustrator, story artist, and animator. Willing to work on both commercial and personal projects, but would ultimately like to work for a production house.

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Posted by StevRayBro - October 25th, 2014

Hello Everyone! I've been gaining new followers on this site! Which is awesome! Sorry that Newgrounds always seems to be like an afterthought to me. I'd be more active if the forums were more active, or atleast the art and animation forums wasn't 90% people asking others to do things (for free)... and I get enough of that on Youtube. I was hoping for more discussions on media arts, cartoons n stuff. I mean, who's enjoying Gravity Falls or Steven Universe?! Who's excited for Book of Life?! Who's everyone's same-sex celebrity crush?!


Okay, more on point. Last night I released a new animation on my channel, its a silly, loose, but fun Let's Play Animation of Five Nights at Freddy's GMod playthrough with Lord Minion 777 & TheRPGMinx. I met Wade at Indy Pop Con in the summer and we became friends and I agreed to do a short video with him.


His channel got a week ago a 2 minute long version of this, and my channel a week later (and one days worth of work) got a 25 second extended cut of the video (added a Foxy for promotional purposes.. I think he's everyone's favorite). Its not the best example of my work, I sacrifced quality for speed. I only really had 5 days to work on it, with multivation running low. I like my lypsyncing, but honestly everything needs another pass and more frame-by-frame. Though there's this kind of early Egoraptor-ish charm to some of the animation. I also added a wobble to the lines to make it seem like every frame was handdrawn.  Also shout out to my friend Tristan who doesn't normally animate colored around a 1,000 frames for me in a night. 



Note that this isn't the best example of my work. So I wanted to supply some examples of my animations that aren't rushed. For example an animation for my friends Adamant Ditto;

I also work for Yo Mama with Red Minus and Zenith Quinn. Here's my favorite episode I got to animate; 


In comparison, an episode of Yomama had the same "budget" but Yo Mama's episode are about 30 seconds of content. So the quality is a lot higher; compared to 2 minutes.


I hope you guys enjoy the links :D


Posted by StevRayBro - October 16th, 2014

Hello everyone! I see I got a bunch of new followers and made it on the front page. Thank you all for the support! Glad you guys are enjoying the Creepypasta stuff! Sorry I'm so late to respond. I got busy and haven't checked Newgrounds. 

So if you guys are interested in watching a time laspe video, I have one on youtube;


Or if your the type who likes it when people talk over their artwork here's a commentary version + Happy Appy;



Posted by StevRayBro - February 16th, 2014


If anyone is interested I made a StevRayBro Fan page on Facebook!  I also started recording my daily sketches for you to enjoy; 


I've also have finished pieces called Watch Me Draw;


Posted by StevRayBro - January 5th, 2014

This year I am aiming to do more animations (well I animate for Animeme/Yomama but I mean more of my own stuff) for myself. I'm gonna aim for 30 to 40 seconds worth of animation a month. For both here and for Youtube. I'm gonna aim to alternate between Video Game Parodies and original characters. So one month like this month will be something original; next month will probably be a Pokemon or Zelda parody.


For the "fans" here al 245. I want to say thanks for being interested in my stuff, and I want to apologize for being so neglantive to you and this site. Here's to a much more newgrounds-productive year!  

Posted by StevRayBro - July 17th, 2013

Woah, just noticed I have 210 fans on here. That's awesome. Lots of good stuff from Newgrounds latetly. The other week I got on the front page AND got 3rd place in a daily. That's sweet. And of course some of you guys got excited enough to hit the fan button think and that's rad.

I just wanted to make a small post to thank you guys. I appreciate the love.

I also wanted to let you guys know that I a much more active on Youtube releasing 2 to 3 videos a week. Granted they are speed art videos, live streams, and tutorials. But if anyone is interested here's a link.

Additionally: I'm going to try and do 1 to 2 animations a month, it'll be tough but we'll see if we can make it happen. I animate for two Youtube channels out side of my own so time is sparse.

Posted by StevRayBro - February 25th, 2012

I do weekly illustrations for the video game journalism website Nightmaremode.net and the latest article that I did an illustration for made its way to Penny Arcade's website. Defiantly check out the article its a good one. But I'm really excited because my illustration found its way on to Penny Arcade!

Penny Arcade

Posted by StevRayBro - February 23rd, 2012

Hey Guys,

My first week here on NewGrounds. Don't worry, I am enjoying my stay. I want to say hi and thanks to everyone for showing me such a nice warm welcome, and for commenting and rating on my work. Also big thanks to Kinsei01 for scouting me and letting me join the portal.

I'm very excited about what I have in-store for the portal! Might take me a while because of the work I'm getting paid to do goes in front of the things I enjoy doing. Normally, I am the type of artist who cranks stuff out weekly and sometimes daily, but I was given a huge project that takes up a good amount of my time.

If you want to see my other work that's not on here check out my blog, facebook, tumblr, or deviantart. I also post my stuff on Reddit frequently, and I like to tweet. Or if you want to stay on Newgrounds I have an art thread too.

I want to take this time to give a shout out to my friends Christopher Perkins and his website Guttamind.com, and to Kiareri. These guys are really talented people and really good friends of mine. Defiantly take a look at their work and show them some love.

First Week