Gonna Be More Active (I Hope)

2014-01-05 12:32:46 by StevRayBro

This year I am aiming to do more animations (well I animate for Animeme/Yomama but I mean more of my own stuff) for myself. I'm gonna aim for 30 to 40 seconds worth of animation a month. For both here and for Youtube. I'm gonna aim to alternate between Video Game Parodies and original characters. So one month like this month will be something original; next month will probably be a Pokemon or Zelda parody.


For the "fans" here al 245. I want to say thanks for being interested in my stuff, and I want to apologize for being so neglantive to you and this site. Here's to a much more newgrounds-productive year!  


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2014-01-05 13:29:29

oh yeah!