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Steven Ray Brown, a young artist living in the Southern Midwest area, a freelance illustrator, story artist, and animator. Willing to work on both commercial and personal projects, but would ultimately like to work for a production house.

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Some Animations!

Posted by StevRayBro - October 25th, 2014

Hello Everyone! I've been gaining new followers on this site! Which is awesome! Sorry that Newgrounds always seems to be like an afterthought to me. I'd be more active if the forums were more active, or atleast the art and animation forums wasn't 90% people asking others to do things (for free)... and I get enough of that on Youtube. I was hoping for more discussions on media arts, cartoons n stuff. I mean, who's enjoying Gravity Falls or Steven Universe?! Who's excited for Book of Life?! Who's everyone's same-sex celebrity crush?!


Okay, more on point. Last night I released a new animation on my channel, its a silly, loose, but fun Let's Play Animation of Five Nights at Freddy's GMod playthrough with Lord Minion 777 & TheRPGMinx. I met Wade at Indy Pop Con in the summer and we became friends and I agreed to do a short video with him.


His channel got a week ago a 2 minute long version of this, and my channel a week later (and one days worth of work) got a 25 second extended cut of the video (added a Foxy for promotional purposes.. I think he's everyone's favorite). Its not the best example of my work, I sacrifced quality for speed. I only really had 5 days to work on it, with multivation running low. I like my lypsyncing, but honestly everything needs another pass and more frame-by-frame. Though there's this kind of early Egoraptor-ish charm to some of the animation. I also added a wobble to the lines to make it seem like every frame was handdrawn.  Also shout out to my friend Tristan who doesn't normally animate colored around a 1,000 frames for me in a night. 



Note that this isn't the best example of my work. So I wanted to supply some examples of my animations that aren't rushed. For example an animation for my friends Adamant Ditto;

I also work for Yo Mama with Red Minus and Zenith Quinn. Here's my favorite episode I got to animate; 


In comparison, an episode of Yomama had the same "budget" but Yo Mama's episode are about 30 seconds of content. So the quality is a lot higher; compared to 2 minutes.


I hope you guys enjoy the links :D